Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Turbulent Week

Sorry for ignoring you, but between the demise of my car and the death of my dear friend I haven't much felt like sharing.

Funeral went as well as they can, car replaced, week off over, back at the grindstone.

I've been advertising for a new band, with little success. It seems the colour of my hair is quite important, though how will never quite be clear to me.

'Hello, I saw your advert, heard your music, you sound great, just what we're looking for'
'oh thank you, is there anything else you want to know?'
'Um, yea, do you still have red hair?'
'No, it's blue'
'Oh well, we have a few more people to phone, we'll get back to you...'

It's quite possible they have a fear of blue - takes all sorts.

I also had a supervision today, it appears my boss is so pleased with me that she spent most of the time telling me all sorts of establishment gossip and talked about her own circumstances. My 'supervision' was limited to one sentence - 'you're doing really well, no problems, no complaints'.

I was hoping for a little more feedback, you know, a little ego rubbing, but I guess I should count my lucky stars, certainly after hearing what another member of staff was told. Let's just say no news is very good news.

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