Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Ski Tuesday

Well while those fluffy types down south are sitting at home quivering with fear about getting erm, cold, the rest of us have been going to work today. Well, the rest of us apart from all those fluffy types in my own city who also stayed at home. My sprogs used socks that were not quite as fluffy as these people to snuggle up their feet before charging off to make snowmen this afternoon. Meanwhile I didn't look out the office window all day. I arrived at work at 8.45 and the next time I checked it was 5.25. I'd spent the entire day protecting the world from the bad guys one rubber band at at time. I'd used 15 rubber bands and drunk four cups of coffee. If you only knew how exciting my life was you'd develop narcolepsy.

I admit to getting all southern and opting out of driving the car this evening. I didn't take my eldest girl to karate, nor did I get any dog food. Instead I found my local weight loss club on t'internet and then ate a packet of jaffa cakes (well you can never be too careful, if I'd left them lying around I might have been tempted to eat them once my diet started - I was doing myself a favour).

Tomorrow I will be getting my ski hat out again and accessorising my little black dress with a pair of hiking boots, a lime green coat and a pair of over sized pink gloves. It's a good look. I expect a few people will blag an extra day off, particularly as the next day is forecast to snow heavily again. I mean, it'll be Friday after that: not much point in coming in to for one day is there? Ohh don't give me any power whatever you do. I'd be a right Pol Pot.

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